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Three Ways Modern Marketing Wins for Manufacturers

Posted by Elena Foley on Feb 19, 2013 12:48


Mambo had the privilege of partnering with locally based manufacturer, Cascade Coil, to develop a new digital marketing platform with the goal of generating new leads, enhancing service and introducing online selling. We were not only happy to support a thriving local manufacturer in an age of overseas outsourcing, but also love their really amazing product line. They make both gorgeous and highly effective metal fabric used for modern design, energy efficiency and even safety applications. Mambo was hired to develop a new website and ecommerce system as well as social media strategy for the company.

On the face of it, digital marketing – especially social media -- for a traditional manufacturer seems like a difficult fit. However, common tenants still apply, making it fit rather nicely. Here are three rules of modern marketing that every manufacturer can employ.

1. Go Where Your Audience Is: Manufacturers make tangible products for people to buy. Your audience, therefore, is relatively easy to identify. If your audience is active on social media then having a presence there is a perfect match, not only for lead generation but also for crowd sourcing new concepts, trends and solutions. In Cascade Coil’s case, a huge part of their customer base is represented by architect and design firms. We created a new Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest channel to connect organically into where these audiences already were and naturally inserted Cascade Coil’s message into conversations.

2. Visual Content is King: Creating a tangible product also means you can easily create visual content. When implemented as such, Cascade Coil’s product is a visually stunning work of art, which lends itself perfectly to the new visual content trend in digital marketing. With an extensive and growing library of beautiful installations globally, Cascade Coil was naturally poised to leverage this tenant.

3. Utilize Digital Tools to Facilitate Business Objectives: Cascade Coil’s customer base is varied by industry, application and location. To pave the way to better service customer needs and facilitate prospective partnerships, we created touchpoints within the new website for each of these audiences. Dealers and resellers have their own lead form and password-protected portal, while end consumers are now able to purchase applicable products online directly from the company.



Cascade Coil Drapery installation at Salt Ultra Lounge at the iPic Theater.

How have you used modern marketing to transform your business?

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